The intent of our rules and regulations are to serve as guidelines for our residents. Some of the rules are necessary for compliance with local laws /or the State of Minnesota. Other rules and regulations are to keep your park neat, clean, organized, safe and enjoyable for everyone. Lakeview Resort is a licensed campground concerned with the safety and enjoyment of our customers.

  1. Check In – All guests, visitors, etc., upon EACH visit, must check in (register) in the office prior to entering the park.
  2. Quiet Time – 11:00 pm to 8:00 am – No loud noise, music, talking, etc. during these hours. There is no reason for Security to constantly remind those of the quite hours. First warning will result in a verbal warning on file with the office. Second warning, a two week suspension from the park. Third warning will result in eviction from the park with no refund for the season. Please show some consideration and respect for your neighbors no matter what time of day it is. Lots of people go camping to get away from the stress of the week and enjoy the quiet.
  3. Landscaping – Do not remove any trees, branches or other plantings without prior approval of Park Management.
  4. Pets – All pets must be on a leash at all times. Excessive barking will not be tolerated. You must always clean up after your pets, even in wooded areas of the park. Please carry bags with you when walking your pets and dispose of the waste in appropriate receptacles. Failure to comply with these rules will result in your pet not being allowed in the park.
  5. Pool – No one under the age of 15 is allowed in the pool without parent present. No glass is allowed inside the pool fence at anytime. No jumping or diving at any time. Failure to observe these and all posted rules will result in your removal from the pool and possible revoking of your pool privileges for the season. Normal operating hours will be posted; however, it is at management’s discretion whether the pool will be open due to maintenance, weather conditions, or other unforeseen needs.
  6. Emergencies – Call 911 first and then notify the office or staff so we can direct emergency vehicles to the needed location.
  7. Vehicles – Only street legal vehicles and motorcycles operated by licensed drivers are allowed in the park with the exception of approved golf carts. No mopeds, scooters, ATV’s, dirt bikes or dune buggies are allowed in the park. Golf carts may be gas or electric and must be approved by management prior to their use, be operated by a licensed driver, have working headlights (no flashlights) and taillights and reflectors when driven after dusk and follow all park traffic rules. Do not exceed the manufacturer’s intended seating capacity on the golf cart. Use of golf carts after the 11:00 pm quite time should be limited to one hour and is restricted to adults only. No golf cart use after midnight!! Staff and park owned vehicles driven by staff for work purposes are exempt.
  8. Campfires – Campfires are allowed on your site, however, only one fire ring, pit, etc. is allowed and its location must be approved by management. Each resident is responsible for disposal of ashes in an area designated by Managements (Ash Hole). Ashes only. No bottles, cans, metal, plastic or any other debris will be disposed of with your ashes. Campfires must be extinguished at the end of your visit and not left burning and unattended at any time.
  9. Fireworks – Fireworks are illegal and NOT allowed in the park at any time. Anyone caught having or using fireworks in the park will be reported to the local authorities and will be asked to leave the park immediately without refund.
  10. Dumpsters – The park will provide dumpsters, at the location of its choosing, for use by park residents and guests for household garbage only generated while at the park. No rugs, grills, lawn furniture, mowers, microwaves, computers, paint, bikes, etc. are allowed in the park dumpster. All garbage must be placed in the dumpster, nothing can be stacked alongside. Anyone disposing of items other than eviction.
  11. Theft/Vandalism – The management and owner of the park have a “ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY” for any theft and/or vandalism in the park. Anyone caught in any of these acts, including the party or parties responsible, will be reported to local authorities and immediately evicted from the park without refund.
  12. Campground Etiquettes – All residents, their families, guests and pets are required to adhere to common campground etiquette while at the park. Respect fellow campers and their property, use the roads and walking paths, do not cut across someone else’s site unless invited to do so, do not ride bicycles or golf carts on walk paths. See attached for additional “Campground Etiquette” guidelines.

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